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Re: CO2 dumping simulation

George: "So, the 0.5 PSI "spike" is the infamous dump you've been warning us
about lo these many weeks? My lord, Dave, put a darn needle valve on the
system and get over it. The check valve/diffuser combo is clearly a sloppy
and inadequate way to control flow. Find a source for something like the $8
NO1 we used to use. Stop driving us crazy by calling a minor increase in
pressure a "dump" and make the system stable the proper way with a flow
regulator. Is anybody else shaking their heads at the relative nonsense of
this all?"

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one here to see Dave's nonsense. If it were
simply a matter of a person working out a technique in public, and being
honest about its failure, I would commiserate and encourage another try. But
to use this list as a forum to lend credibility to (and sell) an obviously
defective design is inexcusable. I think Dave owes a retraction and some

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll