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PMDD and Jobes plant spikes

Wow, I haven't posted in a while and I come back in the middle of a flame war over plant names. I guess some
never change. ; ) I still get a laugh when I think about the meltdown that occurred regarding the color of clear
water in a white bucket.
You old timers probably remember that, and newcomers are going "what is he talking about?". Anyway, back to

> Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 03:18:44 -0800 (PST)
> From: dc <dennis_chua at excite_com>
> Subject: Which is the right PMDD recipe ?
> In the Krib site APD archive I found two version of PMDD recipe :

They both are correct. One of the neat things about PMDD is that it can be tailored to your needs. Some people
leave out the KNO3
depending on their fish stocking level, nitrates in their tap water, or whatever. Get yourself an iron test kit
and a nitrate test kit and find
out what works for you. To answer your question about what everybody uses, _I_ personally started out with the
300 ml version, but have since switched to the 500 ml recipe. Use whatever works for you. You can always tweak
the recipe later. (i.e. if nitrates get high,
reduce the amount in your recipe) PMDD was never meant to be a one formula fits all approach. This has been
discussed on this list a great deal. Please read the archives, or email me off list if you have more questions.
I'd be happy to help.

Roger Miller wrote.

> Avoid feeding all the plants at once.  I don't think I've ever placed
> more than 4 spikes at a time in my 55 gallon tank, and never more than 2
> in any of the others.

Hi Roger. You are way bolder than I am. I usually use only 1 spike at every water change. I cut it into about 5
pieces and bury the pieces wherever it looks like they're needed, or wherever I haven't put one for a while. My
theory being that too little is better than too much when it comes to Jobes spikes. I am always concerned about
about algae outbreaks. The questioner should be advised that large
sword plants do respond rapidly to these fertilizations, and can become quite large. (like taking up about 1/2 of
a 55 gallon tank large)
My Ozealot sends out a bloom spike about every 2 weeks when I fertilize it.

Tom Barr: I enjoyed your essay on foreground plants. I enjoy foreground plants a great deal and I appreciate how
difficult these are to make look good. With that said, One of the things I like about our "American Style" tanks
is that they are more free form with no hard and fast rules to follow. I'm not sure that the beauty of a plant
lies in how hard it is to grow, and I know that is not what you were saying. Are we really judging the beauty of
the aquascape, or the skill of the aquatic gardener? I don't think they are always the same thing.

The Showcase: I really enjoyed seeing all those beautiful tanks, and guys, you have inspired me. I will now back
and judge my tanks with a more critical eye and try to improve them. I saw a lot of neat ideas of things that I
can incorporate into my own tanks. Thanks, for a job well done.

Pat Bowerman