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Belgum show...planted Discus tanks....

Hey all:)

just wanted to share a thought and also respond to

James wrote:

>then I went and
>checked out those Discus tanks from Belgium. While I
>saw some nice 
>tanks", I didn't see any impressive "aquascapes".

neither did I.... I did see one or two that I
liked...... Which brings me to my observation and
question. It seems to me that maybe all of the tanks
at that show would not do well in regards to a tank
that could be kept in the same conditions for any
period of time.....It only looked as if two or three
tanks were Displaced from their homes and put in the
show. Is or would this be an indemic problem to shows
that are only set up for a weekend?? Kinda like
everybody creates their dream tank and does not have
to suffer the concequences of algae and stuff in a
longer setup plan? This was what I did like about the
AGA contest......:))


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