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Re: CO2 dumping simulation

>Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 16:11:17 -0800
>From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
>The first one is an old
>rebuilt Norgren from many years ago.   It is the regulator I normally use
>and it will dump.  I measured the following (P1 is input pressure, P2 is
>output pressure):
>Time  P1  P2
>    0   850   15.1
>50   575   15.2
>60   500   15.2
>57   425   15.2
>65   350   15.5
>69   300   15.6
>73   250   15.2
>78   200   15.2
>82   150   14.8
>87   100   14.0 dropping to zero slowly

So, the 0.5 PSI "spike" is the infamous dump you've been warning us about 
lo these many weeks?

>Then I tried a new Cornelius regulator from the high-pressure system I sell:
>   0   760   15.0
>   2   740   15.2
>   4   700   15.3
>   6   600   16.0
>   7  fall    P2 rose quickly to 22, then dropped almost as fast, diffusor
>bubbling like crazy.
>You can pretty clearly see the dump

My lord, Dave, put a darn needle valve on the system and get over it. The 
check valve/diffuser combo is clearly a sloppy and inadequate way to 
control flow. Find a source for something like the $8 NO1 we used to use. 
Stop driving us crazy by calling a minor increase in pressure a "dump" and 
make the system stable the proper way with a flow regulator.

>This again underscores the importance of having a strategy to deal with
>dumping.   I am looking as we speak for a relief valve that can be
>retrofitted into existing systems I have sold since so many folks want
>something more fool-proof.
>I am also looking into substituting a regulator that does not dump as
>vigorously as the current Cornelius.   I would like to keep the price point
>pretty much the same tho, so this is a little tricky.

Is anyboby else shaking their heads at the relative nonsense of this all?

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)
"The web site for Aquatic Gardeners by Aquatic Gardeners"