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Tank Sizes

>     My 100 gallon is a stock Miracle tank, measuring
> 60"L x 24"H x 18"D.

I would prefer a tank with less heighth and more back
to front width. I feel that few tanks have adequate
front to back depth to properly plan and layout a
display. A large tank due to it's American–like size
would benefit from mass plantings of 3-4 plants of
complimentary or contrasting form and colour.

Amano often has excellent pictures of aquariums that
benefit from this format, regrettably the largest tank
made in Japan is a 180cm low- 180lx60wx60h which
doesn't lend itself to the massed planting effects
that Takeshi loves so much.

One solution might be an indoor pond, sized as follows
200cmx100cmx100cm. This would give you a chance to
design the layout from a look down perspective–light
coloured gravel interspersed with mats of varicoloured plants.

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