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Re: sand sizes

I have found that the sand in sand bags work best for me. I got them at 
walmart for about 2$ for a 25lb bag...dont know if they have them where you 
live but we have tons of the stuff here (midwest with a foot+ of snow on the 
ground with more on the way)...anyway, its not a fine sand but at the same 
time its not gravel size either...some bags have a general smaller size than 
others do so if you can, open the thing and look at the sand inside it.  I 
used 3 of those bags for my 75 gallon and it has worked wonderfully.  ( I 
boiled mine in a huge pot on the stove for about an hour for each 
"batch"...maybe a little too long for some and not long enough for 
others)...the plants grow very well in the stuff and the siphon doesn't suck 
up the pieces either like I have found with some of the finer sands.  Anyway 
hope this helps!