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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #730

>  The Dutch competition site (http://www.nbat.nl) provides a
> number of examples of unfocused compositions.  In fact, a fairly large
> proportion of those tanks are composed like a vegetable garden.  They
> consist mostly of rows (or elongated groups) of plants running from the
> middle of the tank to the back of the tank, leaving the obligatory clear
> space in the foreground.  Nothing but the sides of the tank itself hold
> the compositions together.

Clear foregrounds are a bad sign IMO, as these are the key to a nice tank I
feel. Often one of the more difficult elements in a tank.
Lots of those tanks are custom made. They then add the frames around them.
Getting a cabinet maker to do one can be very nice. A tank here in SF area
has such a nice design and was done by a carpenter. It's an open top
tunze/dupla set up with a custom open top tank. Very nice.
The cost of the cabinets are costly often. So it may be only a little more
for that custom work. Something to consider and plan out.
> While I'm on the topic of the Dutch tanks...  I found the display on their
> web site to be a little disappointing.  The tanks are certainly
> well-maintained, healthy tanks, but golly, I felt like about half of those
> tanks could have been the same tank photographed over-and-over a few weeks
> apart.  There was a remarkable lack of variety, probably forced by the
> rigors of years and years of competition under strict rules and standards.

Interestingly put.
> Incidentally, Steve Dixon treated me to some pictures of his beautiful new
> 6' bowfront tank, and I understand that the SFBAAPS site may soon have
> some of those photos on display.  If you really want to see a spectacular
> aquascape in a really neat setting then you have to see what Steve has
> done.

We got more coming. His tanks and other's here are growing and churning.
Actually it is up now. There's lots more on the way. Stop buy and see the
Tom Barr