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Re: CO2 dumps

> This again underscores the importance of having a strategy to deal with
> dumping.   I am looking as we speak for a relief valve that can be
> retrofitted into existing systems I have sold since so many folks want
> something more fool-proof.

Needle valve and a dump tube on the reactor/diffuser. I don't need this on a
yeast set up and this works with that source as well(but no need for a
needle valve). You could do either one of these and it would help. The
needle valve would be the best method though. They are cheap, easy to add...
> I am also looking into substituting a regulator that does not dump as
> vigorously as the current Cornelius.   I would like to keep the price point
> pretty much the same tho, so this is a little tricky.

It would cost less to get/add a needle valve to the existing set up. While I
personally have had good luck with the disc(at home) I know others have not.
Several have had the dump happen. I used the needle valve and had no
problems. I'd work farther "down the line" due to the cost and control that
we have. Personally, I don't like messing with or making things that need
high pressure ratings. The Low pressure end is better:)
Tom Barr 
> Stay tuned.