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My First Mistake

I made my first mistake, of many to come I am sure, with my new planted tank.

I got the shipment of plants and driftwood, got everything in there nice.  Everything
seemed to be working well -- CO2, lighting, etc.  Then, I put some fertilizer in the tank
-- Jobe's plant spikes as recommended by Chuck.  The only problem was that I put WAY too
many of them and now I have a huge hair algae bloom.  I went out and got 5 otos to attack
the algae and did a water change to try and dilute the fertilizer and siphon out the

Is there a rule of thumb to use when putting those fertilizer spikes in?  I put in what I
thought was a reasonable amount but apparently that was too much.

The plants are looking good -- several of them are sending off shootings including the
bananas.  The amazon sword is looking a little stressed though.


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