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Re: Amano Pearl Grass

>Hope someone can help me out.  I'm looking for the species name for Amano's
>Pearl grass.  My plants were obtained from someone who got them from Amano.
>Hemianthus  xxx.  I've been specifically told that it's not micranthemoides.
>Got some at the wonderful AGA meeting and it's growing like a weed :-)
>Should fill up the foreground in (hopefully) a couple of months.  That plant
>alone almost made the trip to the meeting worthwhile, not to mention the
>other 15 varieties that I managed to trade for or pick up at the silent
>auction.  Can't wait for the next one!

Hemianthus micranthemoides I am told, is the "Amano" variety usually
refered to as "Pearlgrass".  You can identify it b/c it has a pair of
leaves at each joint.   Pearlgrass is the easier of the two to grow IMHO.
I suspect that this is the one you have.

Hemianthus umbrosum is what I've seen being sold as "Baby tears".   It is
the more demanding plant.   I identify it b/c it has 3-4 leaves at each
joint.  I am told it is an American var.   I'm not entirely convinced they
are different sp.  They could be distinct var. of the same species.  I am
willing to accept arguements either way.

I have chosen to identify them both as Hemianthus micranthemoides and
specify their common names so folks know they are two distinct & DIFFERENT

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