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sand driving me nuts

hello all i need some help.  i am going to set up a 100g tank and i want to 
use some sand for the substrate.  now ive read alot about sand and i have an 
idea about what kind of sand would be good but i am having trouble finding 
something that fits.  I can find silica sand but the largest grain size i 
have found is still alot finer then i want.  I was told that pool filter sand 
works good but i cant find the stuff, ive been to several pool supply places 
and they dont have any sand, they always say go to Home Depotand all HD has 
is play sand, All purpose plaster sand, and #30 silica.  I have found some 
sand to my liking but the fish shop wants $25 for a 50# bag,  a price id 
rather not pay.  So if you can tell me a specific store in Long Beach CA, or 
somewhere around the area, that has something not to fine and cheap let me 
know.   Thanks