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Java Moss

Steve Pushak wrote:
"You know, Java moss will grow emersed if the
humidity is high enough. I have some 2 gallon emerse Crypt tanks that
have moss colonies."

Wow, you're alive! We haven't seen you post in a while Steve..... nice to
see you back....

Regarding your Java Moss..... I have Java Moss growing on the back wall of
my biggest tank, on cork. I pinned some small clumps to the cork background
of the tank and now it has started to really take off and grow. I notice
that it is also starting to grow above the water line (still covering the
cork) and its emergent growth pattern is slightly different (but still very
attractive). I have recently received portions of Christmas Moss from
APD'ers from Singapore and have attached them to the rear wall of the tank
as well. I hope to see how that species does in a similar situation. I would
imagine that either would work in a Paludarium setup.

One issue, when using Java Moss in tanks with Crypts, is maintenance. Well
grown Crypts form dense stands (at least, mine do) and I find that these
little "forests" act as detritus traps. Pieces of Java Moss can easily get
tangled up in there and then attache themselves to pices of the gravel. My
SAE's and Clown Loaches seem to like the security of this little "hide away"
but I do worry that the Crypts might get choked out, so I run my finders
thru the stands regularly, removing as much of the tangled Java Moss and
other detritus in the process. I banished Riccia from the tank for this very
reason - it tended to get everywhere, except where I wanted it to be.

James Purchase