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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #726

Ron Barter writes about large tanks;

> As one of the parties whose tank seemed "a little jumbled and lacked a
> strong focal point" (to which I must agree with you, Karen) in the AGA
> competition, I have to say that the problem lies with the aquarist, not the
> aquarium. To maintain a sense of focus in a large size tank requires a
> degree of restraint that I am still working on; I have trouble resisting a
> new plant!

I'd have to agree with you there Ron! My 75G always seems too jam packed
with species. Like you, I cannot resist getting new plants. But I need to

My absolute favorite tank I ever set up was an almost mono-culture tank
consisting mostly of Val's and about 35 Cardinal Tetras, some wood and a few
sprigs of Anubias sp. perched on fist-sized rocks. The tank had an almost
hypnotic effect. It _killed_ me to have to break it down when we moved last

But, I also think that the height to width (both side-to-side and
front-to-back) ratio of the tank can work in favor of, or against, the
efforts of the aquarist. Oddly I find the 75 more of a pain to aquascape
than the 38G. No matter what I do to the 38 it's always pleasing. That does
not apply to the 75 which consistently frustrates the heck out of me!