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aquascaping tank focus

As I browsed the showcase, I noticed quite a few accomplished growers
whose tanks still seemed to lack something. I have a few suggestions:
1) try shadows. I liked the look of some of the small tanks with
sculptured riccia which showed a lot of contrast. Really leafy plants
don't give you those nice shapes.
2) large rocks or driftwood can help to provide the strong lines and
shadows that you need.
3) try pruning even more vigorously. Some well grown and trimmed tanks
still had foliage so dense that no background was visible. I like a
solid black background especially for pictures because of the high

I regret that I never was able to make an entry into the showcase; I'll
admit that my tanks are far from nice looking right now. Its too bad
that we don't see showcase entries from more of our experts in there
too! I think we should encourage James and Erik to add more
non-competitive entries to that web page especially the really nice ones
that I know Neil, Karen and the others of you out there have!

Congratulations to those of you who did send entries into the
showcase/competition. They are all lovely; I hope to see some of those
mangrove Paludariums after they have a chance to grow in some. That's
not going to be fast. You know, Java moss will grow emersed if the
humidity is high enough. I have some 2 gallon emerse Crypt tanks that
have moss colonies. I'm just worried the moss will crowd out the
Crypts... Should I worry? I also wonder if a mulch covering would help
once the Crypts are a bit larger.
Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA 

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