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Re: Hard water, hard luck:(

I feel a Monty Python sketch coming on...
kH of 16, you're lucky! I have 400 ppm coming out of my tap and it's so
hard that it precipitates pretty much anywhere. at least we've got some
pretty stalagtite/mites in the local caves! I've spent the past two
months working on a local water/RO water mix and have come to the
conclusion that the RO water needs about a teaspoon of tap water per
100litres (ok, that's an exageration, but freighteningly close to the
truth). If only I could persuade myself that Rift Valley fish were as
interesting as Dwarf Cichlids, I'd have no problems. Unfortunately I've
got the bug and any time I hear of some Amazonian Dwarf coming in, I'm
first in the queue.

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:14:20 EST
From: K9AUB at aol_com
Subject: Re: Acid to reduce carbonate buffering

> > I've recently conducted a small experiment where I added a drop of
>  > acid to a sample of water with an initial KH of 6. I measured the
>  > the addition, and found that it dropped to 0. So my question is, if
>  > enough strong acid is added to decrease the KH of the water to
>  >

I will trade you my water for your water, any day of the week.  My
level is 286 ppm, and my KH runs around 16.  I would kill or die to have
water coming out of the tap at KH 6.  Why would you want to reduce it