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Re: Needle Valves

> From: "Sherlock Wong" <s.wong at aristoslogic_com>
> I just installed a m3 needle valve. With all the discussion on end of
> tank syndrome, another member suggested that I adjust the pressure to
> the needle
> valve to see what happens. So I adjusted the pressure to the needle
> valve from
> 0 to 30PSI, and just eyeballed the bubbles from the limewood diffuser.
> With the needle valve set at the minimum opening, the output
> flow was constant from 0 to 30 PSI.
> However at a reasonable needle valve opening, the output flow did vary
> when the input PSI was varied. So with my setup, the needle valve won't
> protect
> the system when the PSI spikes when the CO2 is close to being empty.

Why is the minimum setting on the needle valve not "reasonable"?

Best regards,