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Re: Acid to reduce carbonate buffering

> Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 16:14:20 EST
> From: K9AUB at aol_com
> Subject: Re: Acid to reduce carbonate buffering
> I will trade you my water for your water, any day of the week.  My
> level is 286 ppm, and my KH runs around 16.  I would kill or die to have
> water coming out of the tap at KH 6.  Why would you want to reduce it

Well, if could have a constant KH of 6 in my tank, I probably wouldn't need
to reduce it. For some reason, the KH of my tank water is 8 degrees, no
matter how much water I change. But I also wanted to know if I could really
use this method, just in case. Tap water chemistry can change, such as
Alex R.
pcalex at yahoo_com