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automated water changing system

Hi, my husband and I are trying to design an automatic water changing system
for a new tank and have a couple of questions.  Since it is not a drilled
tank, I am using an overflow. The overflow is very similar to
http://www.eparc.com/diy/overflows/williard/overflow.shtml but with a few
minor modifications such as a short bleed tube in top of the U.  Have
everything worked out on output side but issues are with input side.  Plan
to have something like a sprinkler timer to turn the water on at preset
intervals for a preset time, but I need some type of float valve or water
sensor/relay or something to cut the water off in case something goes
horribly wrong with the output side.  I am related to Murphy so something
will invariably fail, he, he.  It will happen about 20 minutes after I leave
for a week-long vacation!

I found one relay with 2 probes that worked with an electrical current such
that when the water level rose to a point, it would break the circuit.  This
seemed like a bad idea for a tank with fish though.  Any ideas or is anyone
else using some similar type of setup.  I have no problem getting water into
the tank, just making sure it only exits through designated places!

These were the ones I found that seemed most promising.  If anyone has any
experience with them or another suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.


Daphne in Atlanta (what's up with these single digit AND NEGATIVE wind
chills, this is the South!)