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tank sizes


I have a beautiful place to put a big, new tank, but no big new tank to
put there.  I originally wanted a 6-foot tank - either a 125 or 135 gallon
tank - but after looking through the results from the aquascaping
showcase I'm having second thoughts.  It seems very difficult to put
together a cohesive aquascape in that size tank.  The aquascapes often
(as Karen Randall commented a couple times) "lack focus".

Those of you who have 6-footers, do you think that's a problem, or was
that just my odd sense of things?

As an alternative I'm considering different sizes.  I'd like to use
something longer than a 4-foot tank because the space available is bigger
than that.  I'm toying with the idea of having a 5-foot tank built for me;
maybe 5 feet long by 22 inches high by 18 inches front-to-back - about 100
gallons. Does anyone know of a company already making something that size?  
Any comments?

How about lighting?  A five-foot tank seems like a natural for two MH
pendants, but I'm not sure I want an open top.  SAE's are incredibly
expensive here (when I can find them) and I want them to stay *in* the
tank.  I assume the PCs give me good options, but I'm not sure what those
options are.


Roger Miller