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Attn: Dr. Morin from Seachem (was Re: Flourite & Corys)

While I think that anyone who has actually USED Flourite will agree that it
won't harm the barbels on diggers like Cory's, there IS a marketing niche
for Seachem here...... (are 'ya listening Dr. Morin???)

Flourite is just about one of the nicest substrate materials to have come my
way in years...... I love the mix of colors, I like the way plants thrive in
it. I'd love to see Seachem expand the Flourite line with both a larger and
a smaller particle size. Quite often, when aquascaping an aquarium, it can
help to have areas with different sized substrate particles - say, a
smaller, finer size in the foreground with medium sized substrate in the
rest of the tank and perhaps one or two pockets of larger, coarser

This is done most convincingly when the same material is available in a
range of graded sizes - that way, the color and form factor can be similar
througout the tank, but the different sized particles offer some variety. If
you look at a natural stream, the substrate can vary quite a bit in the
sizes of the various rocks and pebbles, gravles and sand pockets, but
usually everything is made from the same source mineral, so the color and
tone matches.

Seachem could also make larger rocks of uncrushed Flourite available.....
again, to help in putting together a harmonious setting for the plants and

When looking at some of the aquascapes submitted to the AGA
Showcase/Contest, I was struck by how little attention some people paid to
making sure that the substrate materials and the rocks and driftwood used in
the tanks "fit" together. Without access to a source of matched sizes of one
substrate mineral, this can be devilishly difficult to do.

Since Seachem already has access to the base material for Flourite, it
shouldn't be too difficult nor expensive to produce a range of "grades" of
the stuff. And Flourite Sand and Flourite Pebbles could also float on the
name recognition of "Flourite".  It's a marketing opportunity.......

James Purchase