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On Sunday, Dec 17, 2000 Bud wrote

> Is anyone growing Lysimachia nummularia with great
> success? What are your conditions like and are you
> doing anything special to get it to take off. I have
> not been able to get this to go, it always melts from
> the base up. Everything else in the tank, Ludwigia,
> Alteranthera, Rotala does very well. Call me stumped.

I grew it for a couple years, but I wouldn't say it was with great
success. I propogated it, but I suppose I could have done better if I
found a use for the plants.

The plants I started with were grown emersed and it took them a couple
months to start growing submersed -- probably the second slowest start-up
I've seen. When they did start growing they grew slowly.  I gave them
bright light, but probably not enough fertilizer to suit them.

I eventually threw the plants away.  One of the Dutch-style tanks in the
showcase contains a very nice display of L. nummularia "aurea".  It was
enough to make me rethink tossing the plants.

Roger Miller