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HydroLogix CO2 reactor

> I haven't used the M3 Mixer but I have been using an external reactor from
a company called Hydrologix ( mine is the HCO > 150E) for a couple of months
now and love it! The Hydrologix unit looks similar, although more
sophisticated. I doubt that > any reactor can be 100 % efficient but the
Hydrologix unit appears to come as close as it gets and works extremely
well. I > power it off the output of my Eheim 2226. I did a review on this
at: http://www.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/Misc.html


Thanks for responding to my question. I read your review on the HydroLogix
external CO2 reactor. This is indeed a product I am looking for. I have
visited the HydroLogix web site, but there was no information on
international orders (I live in Belgium). I've emailed the company and am
awaiting their response.

One last question, it seems to me that after using the HCO reactor for a
while, some algae will start to collect inside the reactor... Can it be
opened and cleaned? What about the plastic?

Davy Cleys
davy.cleys at skynet_be