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Re: Flourite and Cories

    I also reject Flourite for my tanks for the reason of my corydoras's 
health (barbels).  All my tanks have cories, and "everyone knows " to avoid 
substrates with sharp edges for them.  I use Profile Clay Soil Conditioner, 
and my fish are fine, as is plant growth.  Advantages to Profile are, as I 
see it:  OK color, good plant growth, relatively even particle size, no sharp 
edges, CHEAP.  Disadvantages are: not as pretty as Flourite, and LIGHT.  It 
is much harder to plant a Profile tank than one with any other commonly 
available substrate, esp. with bouyant plants or rough fish.  With my last 
tank setup, I used Profile for the bottom of the substrate, mixed with 
laterite, and regular aquarium gravel for the top.  
    I would be interested to hear from people who use Flourite with happy, 
healthy cories.

>  I'm ready to set up a second tank and was going to try a flourite substrate
>  when there was a post on another list to the effect that it's not a good
>  substrate for corys -- no barbels on many corys in tanks with it.  It seems
>  to me there are probably more flourite users on this list than on general
>  fish lists, and so I'm inquiring here.  Not only would there be corys in
>  this tank, but pygmy corys.  Is flourite a problem and are there (commonly
>  available) substrates that would be better for them?  Thanks for any info.