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Re: Snails?

I've had a look in the krib for any key about identifying some snails
that I have. I'm not generally that worried but I keep finding the odd
(2-5) floating leaves in one of my aquaria.
I have two clearly different populations of snails and suspect one of
the of the crime, but which? (Classic whodunnit plot thickens:-)).
One snail has a flat spiral (two dimensions) and is a plain brown
The other  is a classical sort of three dimensional spiral with tiny
pale spots over the entire, brown, surface and is very pretty.
I haven't seen anybody actively eating the base of the stems where the
leaves tend to get cut off.
Neither snail is nocturnal.
If you need more info to identify these, or if you know of a site which
might help me to i.d. them, I'd be eternally grateful.