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Re: Plants Finally in Tank -- Pics

John Pflum wrote:
>A couple of days ago I finally got my shipment of plants and driftwood and 
>got them into
>my first planted tank.  Everything seems to be going fine so far but I


>I tossed some pictures up on my web site.  I would appreciate any/all

Everything looks great, specially that driftwood! I wish I could find 
driftwood that looks that great. Just a suggestion:

You might want to get more stem plants like that Ceratopteris thalictroides 
and Ludwigia repens to suck up the nutrients so you don't get any algae 
growth. You have quite a bit of rooted plants, like the swords, that won't 
draw any nutrients from your water column. The main thing about a new tank 
is not allowing the algae to get a foothold in your tank in the first place 
so you want those stem plants sucking up the nutrients in the water column.

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