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Anubias questions/ Aquarium Digest International/ Limnophyton spp.

1) Thanks! After reviewing the photos here, I would say that the plant I
have most resembles the leaf shape of what they call "A. afzellis" Although,
again the leaves on my specimens are only 2-3" in length at most. Can anyone
suggest a source for the most current Anubias ID info??

2) Is anyone out there looking for Back Issues of "Aquarium Digest
International" (Tetra Press periodical)??? I have several duplicate copies
that I would like to trade for plants. Private mail please.........

3) Is there anyone out there working with Limnophyton africanus?   The is
also an Aussie species from Queensland called L. obtusifolia (SP?), I think.
Anyone. Private mail please.........

Brian Perkins
West Linn, OR

> Date: 14 Dec 00 20:57:03 MST
> From: "fortunejd at usa_net" <fortunejd at usa_net>
> Subject: Re: Anubias nana var. lanceolata
> "btpmsi" : Go to the URL , then to the plants section...look for Anubias
> Hastifolia...I have a plant very similar to the one pictured,but mine
seems to
> be a litte "leggier" ie:longer stems.....this is the only Anubias I have
> with lanceolate leaves....if there are others, would someone please
> them ?
> http://users.iafrica.com/u/up/upfolds/
>                                                HTH  James(Western Canada)