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Re: Plant tool kits

>Does anyone out there have any feeback about usefulness of those plant tool
>kits that a number of vendors sell? ....
> Any thoughts on which ones are good?

I bought a set from Monster Marine's website - steel long handled scissors, a 
triangular leveler, and long tweezers, as well as some long plastic tweezers 
that incorporated a cutter - the last is not worth bothering with, IMHO - its 
hard to get the cutter and the tweezer part coordinated in a heavily planted 
tank, and it bends too much.  I never use the leveler, was intrigued by all 
the uses Tom Barr found for it, but my tanks are tiny, and I haven't needed to 
do major cutting of sods or chopping runners yet!

I use the metal tweezers almost daily, great for getting floating dead leaves 
etc; I also just grab and pull at leaves of hygro etc that are looking ratty, 
they come off ok.  I use the scissors to trim off old leaves, but would prefer 
some that are a bit more robust - they find it tough to get through an Anubia 
stem or crinium leaf at the bottom of the tank.

My favourite tool is a pair of long chopsticks, that came with a wok purchase 
- I use them singly to reposition plant leaves or floating plants, as a 
planting stick, and as a stirring device, to mix in chemicals or to get fish 
food out of java fern.  Having two is useful, you always seem to put one down 

Kind regards,

Susi Barber

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