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Re: Needle valves and nutrients

G.: "There has been a lot of pontificating on how to set up a high pressure
system using a needle valve as a pressure dropping device. A lot of it is
wrong.  Let me 'splain:"

I feel like the sound of nails scraping across a blackboard whenever G.
offers to "'splain" anything about CO2 these days.
Pressure regulators regulate pressure. Metering valves (aka needle valves)
meter volumes of delivery. What part of that nomenclature do you not
understand? The only pontificating has been from a person that sells a
system known to kill, but who refuses to accept the financial and moral

G.: "I hope this helps clarify just how complex this issue is."

This issue is not complex at all, unless you are the seller of a system that
kills other people's fish and wish to cover your tracks. A simple dual gauge
regulator and needle valve, such as that available from M3 for $99, is all
that is required to reliably and safely deliver CO2 to your tank without any
"complexity" or dumping catastrophes at all. Check it out. (Not associated
with M3 in any way)

G: "And I hope it saves the fish of someone relying on an untested needle
valve setup."

Oh please, this is pure FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and is beyond ironic
considering the recent history. The simple regulator and needle valve
combination is the standard setup that is well established as being the only
reliable CO2 design for aquarium use. Only a person selling a defective
system with substantial product liability issues would try to create
confusion with such a statement. This list should not be used to suck
novices into buying a system that will kill their fish. Shame on you.

Tom Wood
Austin, Texas, ya'll