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Re: UV/Green water

> question is about UV sterilizers. I am wondering if they have any
> effect on plants fertilizers? I use Duplaplant and Duplaplant 24. I would
> guess that the UV sterilizers do not have an effect on this type of
> fertilizer since they contain only trace elements in ion form. Is this
> correct? Any thoughts are welcome.

Why do you think you NEED or even want a UV? They are temporary use item at
best. A nice micron filter would help better if you must add something to
your tank for taking out suspended particles-suspended algae. UV just kill
but it has to pass through it. They also don't remove what's been
killed(this can be algae food or plant food depending on your tank). Micron
filter is a much better buy than a UV unless you have lots of GW issues, in
which case you need to adjust your CO2/light/nutrient levels as well. GW
appears typically when you have slow your CO2 down and or low filtration
mixed with an increase of nutrients or when the filter cycles slow down or
aren't going yet. GW appears in new tanks for this reason often. NO3 won't
cure you of GW but it will help the N cycle to get going thereby indirectly
solving the GW issue.
UV's don't destroy much of the iron in my experience. They say they do but I
have not seen evidence in the tanks I've used them on. If you add it weekly
it may be a bigger issue but daily is very doubtful that the UV would break
any form of iron down. I fed my fish daily so I add my trace elements daily.
Not that big of a hassle:)
Tom Barr