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Re: Anubias nana var. lanceolata

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, btpmsi wrote:
> I have what I think is this plant. It grows very short, like a minature A.
> frazeri (2-3" leaves). Does anyone have experience with this plant?  Is
> there such a creature???

If I remember the classifications right, there is no Anubias nana var.
lanceolata.  "Nana" is a variety of A. barteri.

A small anubias with lanceolate leaves might be A. barteri var. barteri. 

The plant I once grew and thought to be A. lanceolata was a large plant
that grew well emersed, not so well submersed and didn't grow at all
potted. It's leaves were deep green, smooth and waxy-looking, lanceolate,
vertical and 18" long.  It had a creeping rhizome about 3/4 inch thick.

Roger Miller