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Re: CO2, lions, and tigers, oh my!

Darin Simmons wrote:
"CO2 dumps and fish dying
flames/pseudo-flames/unintentional remarks/ and requests for apologies
talk of regulators, needle valves, pH controllers
check valves, solenoids, reactors, and bubble counters
Implosion, explosion, corrosion
Laminar and linear, math and system crash

I don't doubt that there are merits to a bottle system.  But talk like this
- albeit falling on ignorant ears - has killed any/all desire for me to
move "up" from my 2 liter bottles.   "

=D You should have been here in September 2000 when there was a "flame-war" 
on CO2 regulators. Fur, names, "facts", figures, experiences, teeth, claws 
were flying everywhere on that one! This current discussion is mild in 
comparison! Just wait until the list starts discussing substrates or lights 
or fertilizers. =D Don't let ANY of this turn you off. This hobby can be 
VERY complex if you want it to be. It can also be very simple if that's the 
way you want to go.

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