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CO2, lions, and tigers, oh my!

I am running a DIY yeast CO2 and I would just like to give the readers a 
non-exhaustive recap of the recent CO2 discussion from an uninformed 
outsider's perspective.

CO2 dumps and fish dying
flames/pseudo-flames/unintentional remarks/ and requests for apologies
talk of regulators, needle valves, pH controllers
check valves, solenoids, reactors, and bubble counters
Implosion, explosion, corrosion
Laminar and linear, math and system crash

I don't doubt that there are merits to a bottle system.  But talk like this 
- albeit falling on ignorant ears - has killed any/all desire for me to 
move "up" from my 2 liter bottles.   I understand that some people enjoy 
the aesthetics of plants and fish, some the creation of the event, and 
other's the problem solving of the event.

To each his own.