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Re: Plant tool kits

> From: Richard Orr <rich_orr at yahoo_com>

> Does anyone out there have any feeback about
> usefulness of those plant tool kits that a number of
> vendors sell?  I see some value in them, but would
> like some feedback from people who have actually used
> them.  The gravel leveling device looks like it might
> be of some use.

Interesting, as I was wondering the exact opposite.  I always wondered what
the heck people would use such a tool for...  Is there some need for ultra
level gravel that I don't know of?  All of the other tools in those kits
look useful, to me, though.  The scissors and tweezers and stuff...  I, too,
would like to hear from anyone that uses one of those kits and would like to
know how often the gravel leveler gets used, please...
Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
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