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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #716

> After closely observing the female I noticed worms 
>  protruding from her vent. 

Camalanus is treatable with Tetra Anti-Parasite Flakes (NOT anti-bacterial 
flakes).  Aquatronics also markets Pipzine capsules, which will rid the fish 
of the worms.  It takes about 21 days of treatment to clean out all the fish. 
 If one fish in the tank has them, then it's highly probable that all the 
fish have them, so you need to treat all the tank.  Left untreated, the worms 
will probably kill the fish, since they can perforate the intestines of the 
fish.  After treating the tank, it's probably wise to feed the anti-parasite 
flakes for a couple of days every month, just to hold back the possibility of