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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #716

> Richard Orr <rich_orr at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Plant tool kits
> Does anyone out there have any feeback about
> usefulness of those plant tool kits that a number of
> vendors sell?  I see some value in them, but would
> like some feedback from people who have actually used
> them.  The gravel leveling device looks like it might
> be of some use.
> Any thoughts on which ones are good?
Aquarium landscapes has a nice set. It's good for the money. The Gravel
leveler is a worthy tool IMO. I use it seldom for that purpose. I use a
paint scaper which is plastic and floats in the same fashion. I use it for
pushing back plants from the front/sides of the glass, chopping runner down
in the gravel, cutting sods of gloss, hairgrass, etc out. The scissors are
nice, the Tweezers are fine but I like bigger ones myself. Hemostats are
good as well. Depends on how much you want to spend also. There's some
German companies that sell all kinds of goodies.
Tom Barr