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Re: Addition to CO2 end of tank experiment post.

> Subject: Addition to CO2 end of tank experiment post.
> Hi everyone,
> I had an off list response to my post telling me that since I have a
> controller I wouldn't see a pH drop since the controller would turn the
> solenoid off.
> Just for clarification:
> The solenoid on my regulator tends to remain on for most of the daylight
> cycle of the tank. My lighting is on the high side.  This being the case the
> controller is not really an issue regarding wether or not I could see any
> dumping.

It tends to remain on during normal operation due to the pH level you've set the
controller to; if you set the controller to a pH that's higher than your tank is at
currently, the controller should close the solenoid.

But if you start getting a lot of CO2 going into your tank as you get a CO2 dump, then
the solenoid will be closed by the controller and limit the CO2 going into the tank.
That's what happened as my tank attempted to dump its remaining CO2. Fortunately, the
solenoid handled it in my case.

I would trust a needle valve more than I trust a solenoid. Anyone have any specs on the
max pressure solenoids typically can take?

-- Stephen