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granulated peat in the US (fwd)

I received this email today and decided to forward it to the list.  I'm 
aware that it's a commercial post but the individual was courteous enough 
to write to me, not the list, and that was appreciated.  It also seems 
like something that many of the members of the APD would be interested in.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 09:20:29 -0600
From: Peat Technologies <PeatTechnologies at centurytel_net>
To: cyn at metronet_com
Subject: granulated peat in the US

Cynthia:  I am responding to a message I came across on the internet
regarding granular peat.  The message, dated 6 Sept 1996, was from Gary
and was related to the use of peat granules in an aquatic plants
application.  I can't say I am knowledgable regarding how or why
granular peat is used in this application, but I can say granular peat
is available in large quantities at our company, Peat Technologies
Corporation. We are located in Siren, Wisconsin and have production
capabilities of 40 tons per day.  Our products are available in 1 ton
super sacks and in 50 lb bags.  If you are interested we could possibly
formulate a granule specific for this type of application.  Learn more
about Peat Technologies by visiting our web site at www.peatec.com.

Tim Hagen