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re: CO2 end of tank experiment

Dave Gomberg wrote:

03:48 AM 12/13/00 -0500, Dave Grim wrote:
>The regulator is a Champion
>Lighting BlueLine regulator. It is a single stage, dual gauge regulator (tank
>pressure gauge and adjustable step-down pressure gauge)

This must be some kind of private label OEM regulator.   Wish I knew what 
it REALLY was.

I reply:
This is what it is to the best of my knowledge. A few months ago I made the 
mistake of calling it a Dual Stage Regulator and was corrected on the forum 
that this is what it probably was.  This regulator is mostly used by reef 
keepers and is sold as a component of a calcium reactor for maintaining 
alkalinity in a reef system. Regardless, it has worked well for me for 2 
years now.