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Camallanus worms

Hello all, I have a few questions.  I have a small planted tank in which 
there are a pair of sword tails and a SAE.  Yesterday I found the male 
swordtail dead.  Upon examination of the dead fish I found what I believe to 
be Camallanus worms.  After closely observing the female I noticed worms 
protruding from her vent.  I destroyed the female.  The SAE had eaten some of 
the skin off the dead male fish before I found and removed it.  What are the 
chances that the SAE contracted the worms?  What of the fry that are in the 
tank?  I would like to raise these fry if possible since the parents are 
dead.  Are the medicated foods sold for the purpose of eradicating internal 
parasites effective?  Will they kill fry if I feed them?  Will they kill 
snails and plants?  If the worst case scenario should happen and all fish 
die, how long can the eggs or larvae survive without a fish host?  There 
seems to be a problem obtaining healthy live bearers in my area.  The ones 
raised in ponds in Florida having such parasites as these.  I would like to 
raise some fry and have a source of aquarium bred swords.  I would appreciate 
any advice you could give me.  Thanks Teresa.