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More of my Co2 setup, and more questions

I gotta get a better handle on the English language:

Tom, here is my Co2 system start to finish. While I have posted all
this, I didn't put it all in the same post, so I think you missed some
of it. Sorry to make you read this all but:

I have a 20# Co2 tank, with a standard dual gauge beer regulator, which
is hard plumbed to a propane reg (Which is rated for full tank pressure,
as some have asked, which then has a Ph controlled solenoid hard
plumbed, and then finally a needle valve, which leads to the soft tubing
and to the tank. The system runs like a champ now, and my only concern
is that the propane regulator has a fixed output pressure that won't
allow me to run a check valve. From what has been posted to me, I can
see now that the check valve is going to force me to set my needle valve
far more open than without. So my main questions are A) how necessary is
a check valve, and B) Would there be anything wrong with hard plumbing a
check valve in between the beer reg and the propane reg?

And another non related question, I thought I read in the flurry of mail
that this thread has generated for me, that someone said that UV
sterilizers eliminate some trace elements. I do in fact have a uv
sterilizer, which runs on the same cycle as the lights (12 hrs/day). Is
this going to consume significant amounts of trace elements? And if so,
do most people consider a UV sterilizer important?

Maybe we should just change the name to "The Jonathan Peakall Digest"! I
feel bad for being such a bandwidth hog, but I sure appreciate all of
the advice.

Jonathan Peakall