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Addition to CO2 end of tank experiment post.

Hi everyone,
I had an off list response to my post telling me that since I have a 
controller I wouldn't see a pH drop since the controller would turn the 
solenoid off. 

Just for clarification:
The solenoid on my regulator tends to remain on for most of the daylight 
cycle of the tank. My lighting is on the high side.  This being the case the 
controller is not really an issue regarding wether or not I could see any 
dumping. I am trying to see wether or not I experience an increase in CO2 
flow and I am doing this by monitoring the bubble rate in the counter, not by 
wether my pH takes a big drop. A CO2 dump means an increase in flow, not to 
insult anyone's intelligence. I am at home quite a bit now and have been 
checking the flow rate several times daily to see if there are any changes.

None so far. Steady at 1-2 bubbles/minute with tank still at about 250 psi.