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CO2 end of tank experiment.

Hey everyone,
The 20# CO2 tank that services my 125 gallon aquarium is about to go empty. I 
am going to let it go all the way down to empty and see if there are any 
issues with the regulator/needle valve, etc. The regulator is a Champion 
Lighting BlueLine regulator. It is a single stage, dual gauge regulator (tank 
pressure gauge and adjustable step-down pressure gauge), with a solenoid and 
a needle valve. A pH controller turns the solenoid on/off. The CO2 goes thru 
a Dennerle check valve (the same mid-quality one as M3 sells), and thru an 
Aqua-Medic Bubble counter (with built in check valve), and then bubbles into 
the intake strainer on an Eheim 2217. The AM bubble counter is not necessary, 
but I like it as it gives an at a glance look at the gas flow. The tank went 
below 500 psi a couple weeks ago and is currently at 250 psi. The bubble rate 
slowed a bit, and I have adjusted it up to where it was before the tank 
pressure dropped (1-2 bubbles/sec) by opening the needle valve a tiny bit. No 
problems so far. I have a spare 5# cylinder for these situations, and will 
switch tanks as soon as the 20#  tank goes dry.

I'll keep you posted if anything happens- good or bad.