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More Co2 questions

I wasn't quite clear in my post regarding my Co2 system. While I do have
a Gromberg system, I took off the ehiem high pressure diffuser, as I
could never get it to seal properly, and it didn't seem to atomize very
well. As well, the one time I did get it running properly, it clogged up
and blew the hose off and dropped the ph of the tank very low. And, it
ran a lot more than the system I use now, consuming more Co2. I now run
it through my powerhead, and am awaiting a "mixer j" diffuser from M3
that hooks up to a canister filter. The system actually works quite well
now, and does not dump at the end of the tank. As I mentioned though,
the propane reg won't allow me to use a check valve. Most folks don't
seem to worried about that, however.

So let me see if I have this straight. A needle valve, without a check
valve in line past it, should be able to handle the pressure rise at the
end of tank dump? I must admit, the only times I did an end of tank dump
there was a check valve on the line. And I can see (having had it
pointed out to me) that having a check valve will force me to open the
needle valve much more in order to get the desired flow, but why would
that change the bubble count as the pressure rises due to reg dumping?

In any case the bottom line is most folks don't have any reg dump
problems with just a needle valve, no? And do most have a check valve

Thanks to Tom and all of you too numerous to name for all of your help.
I still can't believe there is such a wealth of information on tap here.
And of all the forums I participate in, the nicest, even including the
Home Brew Digest. Nobody even laughed at me for calling H2SO4
hydrochloric acid!!

Jonathan Peakall