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Green Water

I have been fighting a case of green water in my 90 gallon tank for 
months.  The tank was heavily planted with a light fish load.  I tried a 
Magnum HOT filter with diatom powder with no effect.  I bought a used 
Rainbow 8 watt UV sterilizer and a new Eheim 2226 filter (no media).  Last 
Tuesday evening I hooked the Eheim to the sterilizer and started nuking my 
water.  On Thursday morning I thought "what the hell" and added nine 
squirts of Flora APM ( barley straw synthesized extract) from Aquarium 
Landscapes.  We went out of town Friday morning for a candle light tour of 
the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC.  We got home around 6:00 PM 
Saturday.  99% clear tank.  No green, slight haze.  Today the haze is 
less.  My guess is the extract took care of the green water and the 
sterilizer is clearing up the haze.