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Needle valves and nutrients

I do have a needle valve Tom, and it has never helped in an "end of
tank" situation. In fact, I had a near tragedy. Thus I put on the
propane regulator. I am using the good valve from M3. Are there valves
out there that will prevent "end of tank" disasters? I'd rather use a
needle valve alone, as then I could use the check valve again. I hate to
think of ruining my regulator setup some day *shudder*.

And as to my nutrient problem, I don't have a way to measure K, just Fe,
KH/GH,Ca,NH3/NH4,PO4,NO2, and NO4. And what is the common name for
K2SO4? Some type of acid? I know H2S04 is hydrochloric acid. Where is a
good spot to get it?

Thanks to all, simply amazing to have this source to tap into.

Jonathan Peakall