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Re: DIY CO2 recipe

Bonds asked:
> I have been using the recipe from The Krib for DIY CO2 injection for about
> a month now.  It seems to work pretty well for me, but stops producing
> after about a week or two.  The mixture is being heated to about 80
> degrees F by my main light on the tank 10 hours a day.  The question I
> have is what can I do to make it last longer. 

I don't know why that recipe has remained on the Krib. Everyone 
who uses it has the same problem. It uses too much yeast. Try 1/4 
teaspoon, which will allow the yeast population to build up more 
slowly over a longer time period, rather than exploding, using up all 
the sugar, and dying back quickly.

Cathy Hartland
Middletown, MD