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Re: CO2 reactor life

> I have been using the recipe from The Krib for DIY CO2 injection for about a
>  month now.  It seems to work pretty well for me, but stops producing after
>  about a week or two.  The mixture is being heated to about 80 degrees F by
>  my main light on the tank 10 hours a day.  The question I have is what can 
>  do to make it last longer. 

Undoubtedly, the temperature of the mixture is the problem here.  At 80 
degrees, the yeast is growing rapidly, which exhausts the sugar much faster.  
Why not put the bottle on the floor, where it will run at a cooler 
temperature?  That should increase the length of time the mixture produces 
CO2 by as much as an extra week or two.  You should be able to get good 
production for about 3 weeks, and possibly a llittle longer.