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Re: Aphids

Pierre Gagne:

>> Perhaps this "obvious" reason for a lack of aphids is correct, but has 
>>this hypothesis been tested?  If someone had asked me what the obvious
>>aphid agent in the example was, I would have guessed "higher humidity," 

Unlikely, since aphids thrive in our HIGH humidity (often >92% in the
summer) environment in South Florida.

>>perhaps "airborne aphids are few and far between and 96% tank coverage 
>>typically excludes enough to prevent formation of a population."

Yes. I cannot eliminate this possibility.

>>A very preliminary test of your hypothesis would be to add aphids to the 
>>terrarium onto a plant of identical species and see how they do. 

I agree!  But, I'd call it an observation rather than a "hypothesis".  I'll
add a quantity of aphids to the terrarium w/ Co2 to see for sure if they

To Tom Barr:

Thanks for the Pyrethrin <can't spell it either, & I DGAD>:-) suggestion.
Unfortunately, the water lettuce I grew outdoors got hit w/ aphids last
summer and I tried a  Pyrethrin spray on it at 1/2 strength.  It KILLED the
water lettuce I sprayed!  Supprised the heck out of me.  Now, it may not be
hazardous to many other plants but I don't want to chance it.  I'll
continue to employ the "Noah Solution" and fiddle w/ a safe level of Co2
for the future.

To James Purchase:

No need to get your "boxers - in - a - bunch"!  At no time at all did I
even SUGGEST my observation was ANY form of an experiment; "thought" or
otherwise.  I made an observation and I'm trying to gather info to
determine if similar observations re. Co2 and aphids have been noted by
others.  I'm not really interested in any formal experiment on this point.
If it works, I'll share the info.  Anyone can draw their own conclusions.

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