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Re: Quick CO2 Cylinder Questions

Here's my quick answers below.
Bob Buettner
In slightly snowy NW CT
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> Date: Sat, 09 Dec 2000 06:09:07 -0000
> From: "D0N Dee" <d0ndee at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Quick CO2 Cylinder Questions 
> Hi all,
> Just some quick questions for those who use CO2 cylinders -
> 1)What size CO2 tank are you using?
> 2)What aquarium size was the CO2 being injected into?
55 gal.
> 3)What bubble rate were you injecting at?
1 bubble per second ( injected into a HydroLogix HCO150E reactor, powered by the output of an Eheim 2226)
> 4)How long did the CO2 tank last before you had it refilled?
16 months
> Thank you in advance for your replies.
Your welcome!
> Don
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