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Subject: metal halide electronic ballast

X10 uses a carrier current system that is pretty easy to filter out. I
suggest you try using an Isobar (surge strip made by Tripp Lite) or one of
the better grade of APC's SurgeArrest (i.e. not the personal). Both of
those units have filtering that should remove enough of the X10 signal to
prevent interferance to the ballasts.

Radio shack used to make a little thing they called an "AC Line Filter"
that they sold for TV's. It was really cheap and might work to get rid of
the X10 signal too.


>Thought I would pass this along to some of the folks who have been
>considering MH electronic ballast.  After looking into this issue, it
>appears the Blueline e-ballast has had issues with X-10 controllers where >it
>interferes with electronic equipment.  According to Premium Aquatics, they
>have had complaints on 100% of the ones sold.
>It seems the Icecap is interfered with by X-10 controllers and experiences
>flicker.  I looked on reef list as well as this one and lots of folks seem
>to have experienced flicker issues.  Marine Depot suggested I call Icecap
>because they had some sort of filter I could get to stop interference.  >When
>I called Icecap, both the sales and technical people told me they had no
>such filter and had never heard of ANY problems with flicker whatsoever.
>Found that interesting.   Unnerving but interesting.